Discover How To Take Your Brand To The Next Level On Amazon.

Step By Step Process That Teaches You How To:

  • Get Your Products Ranked On Page 1 Of Amazon For Any Search Term.
  • Get Repeat Customers.
  • Get More Customer Reviews.
  • Create Amazon Ads With An ACOS of Below 8%.
  • Grow An Email List Of Your Customers.

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Learn How To Increase Your Sales On Amazon And Grow Your Brand...Today!

Hi I'm James, a full time private label brand owner. I have been selling private label products on Amazon since 2013 and I have learned what works and what doesn't work. I teach you how to increase your sales and grow your private label brand to the next level using the proven techniques that I use in my business.

  • Work On The Stuff That Matters

    Stop time wasting doing unnecessary activities. This is step by step process that shows you how to grow your private label brand to the next level on Amazon today!

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

    Stop wasting money on things that arent getting you results….Follow a proven system for increasing sales on Amazon.

  • Proven Process

    I use this exact process to grow my private label brands on Amazon. Now you have the chance to learn a system that took me over 4 years to perfect.

  • Mobile Friendly Video Course

    Everything that I teach in this course work from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an Amazon sellers account you will benefit from this course.

  • Save Time

    The Advanced Private Label Course teaches you step by step how you can go from making no sales on Amazon to making hundreds of sales per day.

  • James Answers Your Questions

    Most courses outsource customer service. With the Advanced Private Label Course you get direct access to James.

Easy to follow Courses

Step By Step Video Courses

100% Mobile Friendly

Learn On The Go.

Complete Step By Step Course That Shows You How To Make More Sales And Grow Your Private Label Brand To The Next Level On Amazon.

1st Course: Amazon Ranking Mastery

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Your Aim

Video 3: Competition Research (Including PDF Checklist)

Video 4: Your Listing Checklist

Video 5: Getting Influencers To Promote Your Product

Video 6: Using Deal Sites To Promote Your Product

Video 7: Using Amazon PPC To Promote Your Product

Video 8: Creating Email List On Facebook

Video 9: Integrating Email List With Mailchimp

Video 10: Email List - Getting Sign Ups

Video 11: Creating Your Unique Launch Strategy

Video 12: Draw Out Your Ranking Strategy

Video 13: How To Create A Coupon Code

Video 14: Setting Up A Sale

Video 15: How To Hold Inventory In Amazon FBA

Video 16: How to Un-Hold Inventory In Amazon FBA

Video 17: 1 Issue With Coupon Codes That You Should Be Aware of.

2nd Course: Getting Repeat Customers And Reviews On Amazon

Video 1: Sign Up For Feedback Genius.

Video 2: Creating an Amazing 1st Email To Get Reviews. (PDF Email Template Provided)

Video 3: Ensure That Your Email Follow Up Is Set Up This Way.

Video 4: Creating Emails 2 & 3 To Get Repeat Customers. (PDF Email Template Provided)

3rd Course: Amazon Secret Marketing

Video 1: Introduction To Amazon Vendor Express.

Video 2: How To Set Up An Amazon Vendor Express Account The Right Way.

Video 3: Why You Should Sign Up For Vendor Express If You Are Currently Selling Private Label Products On Amazon.

Video 4: Amazon Vendor Express Discounts And Lightning Deals.

Video 5: Introducing Amazons Best Kept Secret (Amazon Marketing Services).

Video 6: How To Steal Your Competitors Highest Converting Keywords

Video 7: How To Set Up Ads On Amazon With An ACOS Of Bellow 8%.

Video 8: How I Create Amazon Ads With An ACOS of 2% And Seen by Over 3 Million Amazon Shoppers And You Can Do The Same.

Video 9: How To Create Your Own Unique Brand Page On Amazon.

Video 10: How To Optimise Your Brand Page For Maximum Sales.

4th Course: Facebook Ads For Amazon Sellers

Video 1: The Best Types Of Facebook Ads For Amazon Sellers.

Video 2: How To Increase Your Sales And Grow An Email List Of Your Customers.

Video 3: How To Set Up Single Use Coupons.

Video 4: How To Set Up AutoResponder.

Video 5: How To Set Up Your Facebook Ads Account.

Video 6: How To  Set Up Your Landing Page.

Video 7: How To Optimize Your Landing Page To Get More Sign Ups.

Video 8: How To Set Up Your First Facebook Ad.

Video 9: How To Get The Lowest Cost Facebook Ads.

Video 10: How To Create A Facebook Offer Ad.

Video 11: How To Create The Lowest Cost Facebook Offer Ads.

5th Course: Full Guide To Amazon FBA Reimbursements

Video 1: Introduction To Amazon Reimbursements.

Video 2: Amazon Reimbursement Strategy To Claim All Reimbursements That You Are Owed.

Video 3: Reimbursements 1: Lost, Damaged & Destroyed inventory

Video 4: Formatting data using excel.

Video 5: Claiming Reimbursements from Amazon

Video 6: How To Ensure That Your Customers Have Not Been Over Refunded At Your Expense.

Video 7: How To Reconcile Your Shipments & Ensure That Amazon Have Received All The Stock That You Sent Into FBA.

Video 8: How To Reconcile Other Consignments & Reclaim Money That You Didnt Even Know You Were Owed From Amazon.

Video 9: How To  Get Refunded For Fraudulent Customer Returns.

Video 10: How To Verify That Amazon Has Re-paid You For All The Reimbursements You Are Owed.

Video 11: How To Find Amazon Reimbursements Automatically.

6th Course: Protect Your Brand Correctly

Video 1: How To Create A Trademark In The UK For Under £200

Video 2: How To Prevent Your Product From Amazon Copycats.

Video 3: How To Insure Your Brand Of Products For The Lowest Cost

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I have taken enough courses in my time to know how frustrating it is when you contact the customer service team about something that you are stuck on and they are unable to give a satisfactory response. That is why I have decided to look after customer service myself. I give you my direct email address so that you can contact me if you have any questions.

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